Monogram Design & Projection

Abstract Leaf Patterns in Light

What is a Monogram/GOBO?

GOBO is a popular term used in the lighting and events industry for the projection of text, logos and/or abstract images onto event space surfaces via the use of a sharp lighting fixture or projector. The monograms can either be animated and displayed via digital projectors or ‘static’ and remain constant by means of shooting light through a “GOBO.” GOBO stands for goes before optics. A metal or glass disc is inserted into the light fixture before the optics output to block light from most areas and only allow the words or image to shine through to the wall.

Where does the Monogram Projection shine?

Literally anywhere flat. We have projected monograms onto dance floors, ceilings, walls, stone facades, building entrances, dark glass, ship hulls, residential home roofs, baseball diamonds and so many other unusual locations. With our Monogram Lighting services you will work with an event lighting and design specialist to select the prime location(s) for your monogram(s) or you can select a place you prefer. Some venues (such as Cruiseport in Gloucester, MA) have special areas and electrical connections for lighting companies to project monograms onto stand-out surfaces.

Monogram Template Gallery

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