About Spinner Music Productions

It All Began In 2002

Spinner Music Productions was founded in 2002 by a suburban Boston kid with a dream. A dream to stay away from the typical 9 to 5 work week and far, far away from a cubicle. A dream to enjoy working while experiencing all that life has to offer, specifically life’s greatest moments. What started out as a backyard DJ company has grown into an industry-recognized award-winning Team of entertainment professionals living out that very dream.

Dave "DJ" BuonoDavid

The nickname may have preceded the business, but it is undeniably apt. “DJ” Buono, with over a decade of experience and study in the entertainment industry, has continued to be Spinner Music’s driving power and is seasoned in all genres and styles from the past 80 years of music. From Bar & Bat Mitzvahs to Weddings and School Dances to Corporate Functions, David has truly entertained the masses. With hundreds and hundreds of flawlessly executed events, you’re event is in the hands of a talented professional.

As your event coordinator, David ensures that each and every event is carefully organized and team-planned weeks prior to your big day.  As master of ceremonies or master of the turntables, DJ Buono uses his keen crowd-reading ability and vast knowledge of Spinner Music’s 160,000+ song library to sculpt an event to your exact vision.


Tim is a veteran of the Spinner Music team. An articulated and professional MC with a tasteful flavor of his own. With his vibrant personality, professionally-trained dance skills, and overall dedication, Tim has actively taken over the art of bringing a crowd to life and keeping guest energy soaring through each event. Tim (we call him by his surname ‘Nutter’) has a background in professional tap, jazz and other forms of dance and is currently the starting quarterback of a local semi-pro football team. His daytime job finds him fighting fires and keeping his hometown city safe as a firefighter. His free time is often spent either in Old Orchard Beach or on Lake Winnipesaukee… when he’s not working, of course. SMP is excited to have Tim’s charisma and personality and to offer his professionalism to you.



With his rap battle premiere debuted on MTV’s MADE, Alex (AKA ‘Boony’) has been baptized in the music industry. When he’s not freestyling on the streets of Boston or recording in the studio, he can be found HYPING the dance floors of Spinner Music events. Boony has been with SMP since nearly the beginning and has a wide range of experience in events of all types. Boony is a talented writer who spends his weekdays at his day job in communications for Fortune 500 companies. You will be honored to have Alex as part of your professional event team.




Ryan joined our team as a young trainee while in middle school. He was an eager learner back then and longed to learn it all. He did. Our entire company has been continuously and incredibly proud with his ethic during those formative years and for the past few years Ryan has become a star. Each and every one of Ryan’s clients applaud his professionalism and charm. Since graduating, Ryan has taken on a daytime career in the electrical trade and has flourished. The kid who was once known as “Little Ryan” among us has grown into a strong, skilled and sought-after part of this company. We KNOW you will love him as your DJ. After all, he knows what gets the dance floor electrified (pun intended).




Justin, who also goes by “Bito”, is a lively DJ and also a young music producer. Justin has been on our radar for quite a few years and finally teamed up with Spinner Music Pro in the spring of 2016. While his time with us is fresh, his experience in this wild music and entertainment industry is polished. “Bito” has performed at Boston’s most elite venues - both nightclubs and 5-star event spaces. His music programming and mixing is unique, fresh, and always received rave reviews. Justin is a career musician and talented singer. Ask us today about “Bito” being your DJ!




MC Luis Perez - SMP


One of the newest members of the SMP Events Team, Luis brings a wealth of charisma and passion to the New England Events Market. Luis can be seen at events from Weddings to School Formals to Mitzvahs to Backyard Gatherings. Luis’s outgoing and likable personality are an instant draw for his clients and his reviews always excite us in the office! Set up a time to meet with Luis at our office today.





Meet the queen of SMP! Kelly handles everything from photo booth prep, office admin, event management, and by default is the company people-pleaser. Her smile and laugh are infectious. Kelly originally joined our Team as a dance motivator however while excelling there, she found her true calling in logistics and what we call ‘crowd wrangling’. She continues to be the best friend of everyone on our roster, the laughter that keeps us going during busy weeks, and the ultimate photo booth Queen! If you’ve been to an SMP event Kelly sticks out in a fun and memorable way!





A current student of mechanical engineering at the University of New Hampshire Justin is a Spinner Music problem solver. Operating a technology-enabled company in a high tech industry demands the talents of a tech pro. Justin exceeds the expectations of this role and is a strong asset to our event operations.



Often referred to as “Uncvltvred”, Liam is a fantastic young producer in the music industry. His father is the most interesting man in the world, so he has a lot of potential to live up to. It is rumored he can throw an orange 1000 feet and catch it before it hits the ground. On hot summer days there is a warning for playing his mixes because they are a fire hazard. When he’s not in the studio he can seen eating fried okra with Oprah, and shares a summer home with Bigfoot. To find out more about this disc jockey’s talents you’ll just have to meet him yourself.

Dance MotivatorsDance Motivators

Our Dance Motivators are alive with energy and gifted with smiles. They live up to their reputation as the ‘life of the party.’